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Welcome to Online PTV


We are PTV, an Ohio based Public Access TV Channel on SPECTRUM CABLE!  PTV is the place where you can broadcast anything you want to share with our community.  Political  Commentary, Community Events, Faith Based Programming,  your Kid's Soccer Game...  what airs on PTV is completely up to the viewers!

PTV broadcasts Videos and Bulletin board Messages submitted by YOU!  We accept DVDs, Uploaded Video files, YouTube videos, Cell Phone Camera videos, Webcams, even Web pages!  Get it to us and PTV will broadcast it on SPECTRUM CABLE TV...without any censorship.

Two things... No Incitment to Violence, and Nothing Illegal. PTV is all about free speech and community programming.  Enjoy!

PTV is broadcast to approximately 175,000 Ohio SPECTRUM CABLE subscribers in Trumbull County (Channels 15 and 97.1) and in Youngstown (Channels 9 and 97.9)!  For businesses, this makes PTV an ideal and inexpensive way to have a continuous TV presence. Your sponsorship of Public Access TV will be viewed by an audience that will truly appreciate your support of their Community TV station!

For all inquires contact director@onlineptv.com or call 330-744-9822.


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