About Us

PTV is our community's Free Speech Channel! You have a voice on television and PTV is here to help you exercise of free speech. PTV receives NO FUNDING  from any source. We are honored to be in a position to offer this community service!

Serving our community since 2008, PTV is broadcast "24x7" using automation software and hardware developed by Perkins Communications (shameless self-promotion). Our automation systems really help keep costs down, making YOUR Public Access Channel an affordable way to reach the entire region!

PTV is broadcast to approximately 175,000 Ohio cable subscribers in both Trumbull County (Channels 15 and 97.1) and Youngstown (Channels 9 and 97.9)!  Businesses find PTV is an ideal and inexpensive way to maintain a continuous TV presence. While we cannot accept commercials, your sponsorship of Public Access TV is viewed by an audience that truly appreciates your support of their Community TV station!

For all inquires contact director@onlineptv.com or call 330-744-9822.


Our Sponsors




    PTV is a commercial-free Public Access Television Station.

    PTV doesn't air commercials, but the station offers very 
    attractive sponsorship packages built around the model 
    you have seen on PBS stations. A PTV sponsorship runs from 15 to 30 seconds and includes your logo, on a gorgeous PTV video background, a custom video window and a voice-over beginning with "PTV is sponsored by....".

    A Sponsorship Package is the ideal way to give your business a permanent and a cost effective television presence. Targeted at YOUR LOCAL CUSTOMERS, your sponsorship will enjoy a fantastic amount 
    of air time and an audience of over 175,000 residents! 

    PTV also has exceptional packages tailored for Candidates for Public Office. Deliver an address receiving substantially more air time on PTV than it
    ever could on any other TV station...more plays, more time to explain your position in detail! PTV is THE ONLY WAY to take your candidacy beyond the limitations of the "sound-bite"!

    Advertise your support of Public Access Television with a PTV Sponsorship Package and snatch up a generous amount of TV exposure for your business!


    Download Your Sponsorship Guidelines Here!

    Contact Us, at  330-744-9822, or director@onlineptv.com today!