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PTV has been broadcasting 24x7 since 2008, using automation software and hardware developed by exclusively by Perkins Communications! PTV's fully automated systems keep costs down keeps YOUR Public Access Channel stable, independent, and always here for YOU to express YOURSELF.
But… PTV is STILL HAS EXPENSES, and we really appreciate it when our viewers are able to drop a few bucks in our Tip Jar (the “Donate” button). We have SERVERS, INTERNET EXPENSES, STREAMING EXPENSES…well you know! Thanks in advance! Viewer support, It really helps!

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  • YOUR Business can benefit from the sponsorship opportunities on PTV!
    A PTV Sponsorship Package is the ideal way to give your business a permanent and a cost-effective television presence. Targeted at YOUR LOCAL CUSTOMERS, YOUR sponsorship will enjoy a fantastic amount of air time and a potential audience of over 175,000 residents. On PTV YOUR BUSINESS reaches an audience that is deeply involved in the station's broadcast lineup!                                                                                                                    
    Running for Office? PTV is THE platform for YOUR political message. Candidates for Public Office are not limited to thirty second sound bites on PTV! On PTV, voters can hear YOUR position explained in great detail. Let the voters actually get to know YOU! PTV can supercharge your candidacy and inform YOUR electorate like nobody else!


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